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Menthulu Sankati / Vendhaya Kali / Fenugreek Rice Balls

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I always rely on menthulu sankati whenever I feel to cool my body. A simple healthy breakfast which I like to have once in a week during summer. I am not sure which cuisine it belongs to, but we are making this recipe since a long time at my home as far as my memory can travel.

Menthulu Sankati – Telugu

Vanthaya Kali – Tamil

Sankati or Kali is nothing but cereals cooked in the form of a paste. This paste is obtained by soaking the cereals in water for sometime, then ground to a fine batter and cooked in water till to get a thick ball kind of paste. Menthulu sankati is usually served with sugar syrup and sometimes it is cooked with sugar syrup.

Priya of Now serving plotted the health benefits of fenugreek here.

Basic Information:
Preparation Time: 3 hours for soaking + 15 minutes for grinding
Cooking Time: 20-30 minutes
Serves – 4 people 


For Sankati:

Idly Rice / Par boiled rice – 1 cup

Fenugreek seeds – 2 tablespoons

Salt – 1 teaspoon / to taste

Oil – 1 tablespoon

For Sugar Syrup:

Jaggery – 1 cup, grated

Water – 2 cups

Cardamom – 2 nos (Optional)


For Sankati:

1) Wash first and soak rice, fenugreek separately for minimum 3 hours or over night.

2) Grind fenugreek and rice to a fine batter using the mixer / grinder / food processor. Add enough water to grind them.

3) Then, add 2 cups of water and salt to the batter and mix well without any lumps.

4) Heat this batter in wide pan and stir it using a wooden spatula not allowing any lumps to form. Make sure the flame is in medium high.

5) Continue stirring till the batter gets very thick consistency.

6) Now reduce the flame to low and add a tablespoon of oil. Continue stirring for 5 more minutes.

7) When you see the glossy shining thick ball kind, remove from heat.

8) Divide them into generous size balls and serve hot with sugar syrup. If you find the sankati is hot, cool it and on medium heat make balls or make it simple and have them using a spoon directly without making balls.

For Sugar Syrup:

1) Boil jaggery in 1-2 cups of water. Add crushed cardamom to it.

2) When the jaggery completely dissolves, filter it to remove the impurities.

3) Boil again the filtered syrup till it reaches the slightly thick consistency. It should not be very thick or very thin.

I am sending this recipe to CWF – WS – FENUGREEK hosted by Priya of Now Serving.

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Fenugreek kali is totally new to me! Loving it already…

Reshmi Mahesh

Very new to me…and is very healthy..

Indian Khana

This is new to me and looks fab …loved the pics

priya ravi

very healthy recipe and nice clicks. second click is truly tempting.


Wow.You reminded me of my mom.She prepares this whenever I visit her.Yours looks absolutely yummy and perfect.
My grandma would use to mix the jaggery in the kali itself
South Indian Recipes


wow Uma….so nice recipe….lovely clicks
A Girl's Diary
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Looks delicious…


wow this is awesome..never heard of this is shall try it soon..


Something new to me. Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing a healthy food.

Kaveri Venkatesh

A new dish to me too…Sounds good …


this is new to me …nice recipe,,,healthy too…


this is very new to me..Looks like a comfort dish..


my friend's mom makes this when were in out teen age. nice and healthy one

Prathima Rao

New to me…Thx dear for sharing this traditional, mouthwatering dish!!!
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

Suman Singh

A new dish to me..sounds interesting and delicious..nice and authentic recipe..thanks for sharing!


wow.. I couldnt believe that u made vendhaya kazhi at home urself.. I used to have this during and after pregnancy prepared by my mom or grandma.. I really appreciate ur efforts to try those unforgetten recipes and blog them.. Good one uma..


Sounds so authentic, definitely new to me n thanks for sharing Uma!

Suja Manoj

Healthy recipe,new to me..nice one Uma

Sangeetha M

this is really very new to me Uma…appreciate your efforts to share such a healthy n authentic recipe….Lovely clicks dear!!!

anthony stemke

This is a very interesting recipe, sweet dessert. Want to try this soon.

Sobha Shyam

very interesting recipe, new to me, looks great n healthy !!

Vimitha Durai

My MIL makes this. Healthy and yummy one

Padhu Sankar

Sounds new and interesting!


This one looks so yummy and easy to make…can't wait to taste it!


sounds tasty. New to me but will try it out.


Looks new recipe to me and delicious too ….

Jayanthy Kumaran

completely amazing…awesome try dear..~
Tasty Appetite




looks delicious.


Looks soo tempting, yummy and delicious…cant wait 2 try it out…thnx 4sharing…

Prathima Shivraj

Very new recipe for me, must a try recipe, sounds healthy too.

Sangeetha M

hi uma
i tagged you in a game..plz visit my space to know in detail..


hey do check my first event


You are tagged in a game. check my blog for details.

Hari Chandana P

such a classic and delicious recipe.. looks absolutely inviting.. love it 🙂
Indian Cuisine

Riya Nath

very healthy recipe…this is very good for women who are pregnant to have a normal delivery