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Apple Waldorf Salad

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This is a very basic Waldorf salad made with fruits and nuts. I used apple, celery, walnut and raisin to make it. The raisin generally gives the sweetness and so I skipped sugar in it. Instead of raisin, one can use green or black seedless grapes and add sugar to balance the taste.

It is generally served in the bed of lettuce as an appetizer. In place of plain mayonnaise, one can substitute it with thick hung curd/yogurt.

This recipes originated from the city of Newyork in the year 1896 to serve the children of St.mary’s hospital.


Basic Information:

Preparation: 15 minutes

Serves: 1


Apple – 1 medium size

Celery – ½ cup

Walnut – 2 tbsp, toasted

Golden raisin – 2 tbsp

Plain Mayonnaise – ¼ cup

Salt – to taste

Ground black pepper – to taste


Lemon juice – 1 tsp, optional

Video Recipe:

Recipe with step wise pictures:

1) In a wide bowl, Take cubed apple. To avoid discoloration of apple, rinse it in cold water or sprinkle the lemon juice on it.


2) Add celery, walnut, golden raisin and plain mayo one by one.


3) Add salt to taste and ground black pepper.


4) Mix well and serve it on a bed of lettuce.


5) Serve immediately.


Serving Suggestion:

1) It is served with pasta or any main course

2) It is served as an appetizer.



1) Instead of golden raisins, you can use green or black seedless grapes.

2) Add sugar if you want the balance the taste.

3) Instead of walnut, any nuts can be substituted.

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