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Spinach Egg Bhurji / Keerai Muttai Podimas

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Spinach Egg Bhurji recipe or Scrambled spinach and egg or Keerai Muttai Podimas is mild variation of the usual egg podimas.

This recipe uses simple ingredients. I used freshly ground black pepper for this recipe and cumin seeds while seasoning. These two ingredients can be roasted together and ground to use in this recipe. Red chilli powder can be used instead of ground black pepper but it gives a different taste.

This recipe can be used along with bread toast or as a side dish for rice and gravy. You can not trace the spinach in this recipe, so it is a good way of including spinach in our diet including kids.


Basic Information:

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time: 25 minutes

Serves: 3


4 tsp oil

½ tsp mustard seeds

½ tsp cumin seeds

¾ cup onion, chopped

3 cups spinach, roughly chopped, loosely packed

5 eggs

Salt to taste

Ground pepper to taste

Video Recipe:

Method with step by step pictures:

1) Heat oil in a wide pan.

2) Add mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Allow it to splutter.


3) Add chopped onion and saute it till it becomes soft and translucent.

4) Add spinach. Saute it till it becomes soft and reduces in it’s quantity. Sometimes the spinach leaves water while cooking. Wait till the water completely evaporates.


5) Once the spinach is almost cooked and there is no trace of water, add the eggs.

6) Add salt to taste and the ground pepper.

7) Let it be in low flame for a minute and start scramble the egg and spinach mixture.


8) Continue to scramble till the mixture is cooked well and there is no raw smell of egg.

9) Taste and adjust the salt and pepper if needed.


10) Mix well and serve hot.


Serving Suggestions:

1) Serve it over the toast for the breakfast.

2) Serve it as side dish along with rice and any south Indian gravy for lunch.

3) It can also be served as a side dish for chapati/roti.



1) Wash and pat dry the spinach before using in this recipe. Or you can use the washed and cleaned spinach that is readily available in the market.

2) Add eggs only if the spinach is almost cooked.

3) I have added only pepper powder for the spiciness for this recipe. If you preferred, then you can add red chilli powder instead of pepper powder for spicy taste.

4) Only spinach green goes well with this recipe than any other greens.

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