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Assam 1860 Tea – Review

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Grown up in the family where everyone loves filter coffee, my taste was towards tea. A decade ago, I was neither a tea nor a coffee aficionado. But later after getting into my professional life, I grew a liking towards Tea and started having it everyday.

For me, Tea time is everything and the people who know me would tell how much I love tea. For this simple reason I accepted to write a review about Assam 1860 tea. A request came from them few months ago, if I would be interested in reviewing their sample and I accepted it.

Some time back, Perfectly parceled and sealed sample pack reached my home. It was a single pack containing loose tea(CTC) and 10 tea sachets covered in rich black cover with florescent green letters in it. The backside of the tea sachets are transparent so you could see the tea bag kept inside it. *Now they changed the cover and you can view it here.

Picture Courtesy –

Now, let me tell you about who are these folks! Not one or two but 10000 people are behind this Assam 1860. They play a vital role in processing and bringing the fresh and high quality tea to all consumers.

The tea leaves are carefully picked directly by them, very little processed before they ferment to ensure maximum Quality and thickness.

If we travel back in deep, The James Warren tea company who are the source and launched their black tea named “Assam 1860” which has been growing tea in Thowra Estate, south bank of assam since 1860. And the teas are straigt from their estates.

They ensure freshness and they best describes it on how I feel…

“The leaves are plucked, processed and packed in the estate itself, ensuring quality and freshness that is unparalleled. So wherever you are, you might as well be drinking your cup of Assam 1860 on the verdant verandah of the Thowra Bungalow, overlooking graceful rolling greens on our lush terraces.”

I used both tea bags and loose, both are equally good, stronger and fresher. I drink black tea once in a while amidst of my work schedule. I made my cuppa using one tea bag but I felt it was very strong and added some more water and shared another cup with my colleague. It was very thick, darker and juicer. Definitely black tea lover wouldn’t miss the chance to taste it.

I used loose tea with Milk, the way love my tea all time which i liked to the core. I used full cream milk, even then it gave brown colour and a strong aroma to the quantity I usually use. I just brewed it, added enough milk which is very very perfect for flavour, colour, strength and taste. These things which I always love in my tea.


I personally felt the tea bags are bit stronger than the loose tea if we compare both of them. 

On a hot sunny may day, I made iced tea as well using their tea bags. I used only one bag to make 2 tall glasses of iced tea. With tea, lemon and mint I lost myself in this tea. The taste is very distinct and you can feel it only when you taste it.


What else, just go to site, shop it online. They also provide COD(Cash on Delivery option) within India.

It is also available in leading supermarkets.

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Lovely review.. Eager to shop soon