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Besan Laddu

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When I made besan laddu for the first time, it was a great flop. The gram flour I used was not roasted properly and because of it, all the laddus directly went to the bin. but, next time when I prepared it, I was very careful in roasting part and too cautious for not making the same mistake again.This time, I made perfect, tasty besan laddus. So make sure to roast the gram flour properly and thoroughly to avoid the raw smell of the gram flour while eating.

Basic Information:
Preparation and Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Makes: 15 – 17 laddus

Source: Manjula’s Kitchen


Basen / Gram flour / Kadalai mavu – 1 and 1/2 cup
Semolina / Rava – 2 tablespoons

Ghee – 1/2 cup
Sugar – 3/4 cup
Almonds – 1/4 cup, sliced
Cardamom – 3 nos

Almonds or Pistachios – for garnishing


1) Mix both sugar and cardamom in a mixer and make a powder of it. Keep it aside.
2) In a kadai / wide pan, mix basen, rava and dry roast for few minutes. Add ghee to this mixture and continue roasting for few more minutes in low flame.

3) Initially the mixture looks crumble. If you keep on mixing it, you can see that the crumbled mixture will bind together and not sticking with the pan. When the besan mixture turns light golden brown and not sticking with the pan, remove from the pan. It took 10-15 minutes for me as I did it in very low flame.
4) Transfer the mixture to the bowl.

5) When the mixture is warm, add sugar, cardamom mixture (as said in step 1) and almonds.

6) Mix it well and start making laddu. I made laddus when the mixture is warm to make perfect shaped laddu with the help of melted cold ghee.

7) Once you are done with making laddu’s decorate it with crushed almonds or pistachio.
8) Cool to room temperature and store in a container.


1) Roasting part of the besan is important and make sure to roast it correctly for perfect tasting besan laddus.

2) If you are not able to form laddu shape, add little more warm ghee to act as a bind factor. Use very little quantity.

3) Increase or decrease the almonds as personal preference.

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Menaga Sathia

லட்டு மிக நன்றாக இருக்கிறது…

Vimitha Durai

Laddoo looks so perfect n delicious dear


Yummilicious 🙂 Looks sooooo delectable!!

chef and her kitchen

seeing urs I remember that When I made this 1st time they turned out very soft…looks delicious

Nalini's Kitchen

Looks delicious and perfectly made,when I made it first time 8 years before it was a big flop then it came out nice…Its been ages since I made this ladoo.

Regarding the badam kheer quantity,I got 3 glasses which I used for the presentation…


one of my fav ladoo :)thats a visual treat to me..

Indian Khana

I made it last week for the 1st time too and luckily it came out well..I did almost same too …now tempted to try some more …looks fab

Hamaree Rasoi

Ladoos looks so delicious and mouthful. Wonderful preparation. Thanks for posting this recipe.

FewMinute Wonders

I love besan ladoo. Looks perfect.

Hayley Dhanecha

I love them..droolworthy !

Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi

so well made. I love this. generally I make this in Micro but for bigger quantities resort to stove top.


Looks so delicious ladoos..:-)) Ongoing event " Party snacks",more detais :


Looks really yummy & fantastic..


Yummy & delicious laddus!!


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Saraswathi Ganeshan

Healthy and delicious ladoos..Nice presentation too.

vandana rajesh

The besan ladoos look so perfect..have to try this one.


yummy laddu….

Abhishek Earich

Dear Friends

Good idea for Healthy food is Organic Food
Visit us-


Abhishek Earich


looks so healthy & delicious…mouthwatering!


Thanks for the recipe and helpful tips. I followed your recipe and the laddoos were really tasty. Will be trying out more of your listed recipes 🙂


Thanks Azia for trying it out and letting me know the feedback.