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Pink Jamuns / Paneer Jamuns

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Pink Paneer Jamuns are famous in Tamilnadu Bakery. These are nothing but pink rasagullas flavoured using rose essense. The procedure of making is almost same except the addition of rose syrup. I haven’t used any food colour and I got the pale pink colour from rose syrup for the jamuns. Please feel free to use pink food colour if you want.

It takes generally 15 minutes to cook based on how thick the jamuns are rolled. Do not roll it tightly and at the same time do not roll it very lightly as it might break while cooking. It should be in a medium firm.

The same recipe is taken in video below. Please subscribe, share and show your love.

Basic Information:

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 40 minutes

Makes: ~ 20 jamuns


Milk – 1/2 litre

Lemon juice – 1 tablespoon

Rose syrup (Rooh afza) – 1 tablespoon

Milk powder – 1 tablespoon

Sugar – 3/4 cup

Water – 2 and 1/2 cups

Rose Essence – 1/2 teaspoon


1) Heat oil in a milk pan. When it starts to boil, turn the flame off.

2) Pour the lemon juice and stir continuoulsy till the whey gets separated from chenna.

3) Transfer this to a bowl covered with muslin/thin cotton cloth to filter the whey from curdle milk. Take only the chenna in cloth and discard the whey. Pour 1 cup of cold water to wash out the citric flavour.

4) Squeeze out the water from the collected chenna using your hand as much as possible.

5) Take this chenna in a wide plate.add rose syrup and milk powder.

6) Knead well. Divide the dough into equal parts and roll each divided part into a cylinderical shape.

7) Heat sugar in a wide pan along with 2 cups of water.

8) When the sugar dissolves and starts to boil, add the prepared jamuns slowly.

9) After few minutes, cover it using the lid and cook until the jamuns become bigger in size. It took 15 minutes for me and it depends on the size of the rolled jamuns as well.

10) Once the jamun is well cooked, turn the flame off and add the rose essence. Mix well.

11) Cool down and serve chill.

Serving Suggestion:

It is a dessert and served after meal. It can be served with or without sugar syrup.


1) Add pink food colour if your prefer it. I almost stopped using the food colour in my cooking so I didn’t add it.

2) Increase or decrease the sugar quantity ass per taste

3) I used rooh afza for kneading with paneer.

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