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Homemade Apple Jam

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Nowadays I buy a lot of fruits and vegetables as recently I have taken a liking towards pastry dishes. I will keep post on few recipes out there.Last weekend, I got a bunch of apples from market at a good price. I had various ideas in mind as what to make with the huge quantity of apples. I feel that too much of thinking yields nothing. I started searching the recipes from my Big cook book. Nothing worked out. Finally I got an idea to prepare jam out of the apples. Yes, a homemade Apple Marmalade. I referred this recipe from here. Hope you enjoy it!

Basic Information:
Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: approx.40 minutes
Makes: 250 -300 Grams


Apples – 5 no

Sugar – 1/2 cup

Water – 250 ml

Lemon Juice – 2 tablespoon


1) Scrub the skin of the apple and remove the seeds. Chop the apples into equal slices.

2) In a deep bottom pan, add water,apple slices and lemon juice. Allow the apple slices to boil.

3) Cook till the apple slices become soft. You would require approximately 20 minutes.

4) Allow it cool down a bit. Once it has cooled down, blend it with sugar to a fine paste using a food processor/mixer. You can directly mash the cooked apples using masher in the pan itself as an alternate way.

5) Transfer the blended paste to the pan and cook until the paste becomes thick. If you are using small pan, remember to cover it to avoid the bursting / spluttering.

6) Store the Apple Marmalade (Apple Jam) in airtight containers and refrigerate it.

7) Serve the Jam after a day of refrigeration.

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Lovely! Looks very delicious! A New Fan of your blog! :)following you..

Kavi | Edible Entertainment


i made this yesterday….i dont have idea about a cup measurement… eyeballed the water measurement added sugar to taste and added a lemon's juice to 6 apples… and it was superb…..thankyou so much…i will do this whenever i find apples…


please visit my page


Lovely and delicious ur apple jam

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Cakes y Etc

Hi Uma, I'm Raquel a blogger from Barcelona. Just to say I'm doing this recipe right now. I'll tell you soon how was my experience! 🙂

Un besito!


I used red and green apples with a sprinkling of cinnamon. Delicious!!! Thanks for posting this recipe.


thank you uma for commenting on my blog, i had even sent this to my sister who was in hospital expecting her baby, as there are no added preservatives in this, and she really enjoyed the jam so thank you again.


How long this jam will keep? I have a few apple from my tree and we don't know what else can we do apart from pie. Thanks. Nonny


I used it within a week. However it can last even longer depending on how you handle it and how you sterilize the storage jars..


What is 5 no????
I'm guessing 5 apples?


@Hybrid, yes, It means 5 apples.


I have sour and sweet varieties of apple named I) Delicious sweet ii)Liberty sour. I want to make jam, should the two varieties be mixed ,if yes ,in what proportion. Thanks Uma


@Ar, I never used both in a single preparation. In case you want to use both, Try it with 50/50 and adjust sugar accordingly.


nice one thanks a lot


Am going to do it right away. Thank you


I was looking on the internet for recipes to use up the apples i had in the fridge .Came across your Apple Jam recipe with just 4 ingredients ,it looked good and I made this yesterday ,it turned out awesome .Great recipe!