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Fresh Fig and Flattened Rice Smoothie / Athi Pazha, Aval Smoothie

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It was raining here in chennai in the evening. Not sure about the other parts of India, but at Chennai I hope everyone likes it much since it comes once in a while. I was drenched today in rain on my way back to home, but loved every drop that hit me. I usually carry an umbrella with me all the time, but I wasn’t in the mood of using it today. I hate sitting next to the window seat while raining, but loved it today. I usually take an auto to return during rainy day, but I skipped it today purposefully. I hate walking in the flooded streets, but I enjoyed it today.

Not sure what has changed here? Rain or Me. Whatever, I like and believe in ‘CHANGE’ – which is the essence of any revolution.  Rainy days are always associated with hot deep fried snacks, even I was eyeing all of them when I was walking down in the streets. The time I returned home was not appropriate to have snacks, but an awesome dinner had been prepared by my MIL. Hot roti, dal tadka and coconut chutney. What else you need? With the same thoughts, I searched some recipes that can accompany this rainy mood. As expected, I didn’t have any except this.  this is a drink I often prepare these days both for snack and breakfast time. Since it has flattened rice in it, it gives you creamy texture and comfort feeling while having it.

Basic Information:

Preparation Time: <15 minutes.
Serves: 2


Aval / Flattened rice / Beaten rice – 1/4 cup, I used thin brown aval
Chilled milk – 2 cups
Fresh figs – 6 nos, skin removed and chopped
Sugar – 1/4 cup or to taste
Vanilla essence – few drops (optional)


1) Soak aval in chilled milk for 5 to 10 minutes.
2)  Meanwhile, remove the skin of figs and chop it roughly.

3) Add the chopped figs to the blender. Pour the aval, milk mixture to it along with sugar and vanilla essence.
4) Blend till you get smooth consistency say about in 5minutes.

5) Pour in serving glasses and serve chill.


1) Serve the smoothie immediately after preparing it. Otherwise, it tastes bitter.
2) Any variety of aval/ flattened rice can be used.
3) Adjust the sugar and water quantity as per your personal preference. I added vanilla essence, to bring down the smell of aval. You can add it or skip it.

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healthy and refreshing smoothie


tis makes such a healthy probiotic drink home made.. i love it n often make tis one too i add banana too..

Rafeeda AR

Such an awesome smoothie…


wooww fantastic smoothie and a best combo 🙂